Parts list

The parts are summarised per subsystem. These groups are also used to differentiate the assembly stages.
- Chassis
- Body
- Power
- Communication and sensors
Remark: Our computers use the metric system. A comma, ',', is used for decimals.


The basis for the chassis is a standard RC-vehicle. We use the Kraton 8s. The main changes we make are:
- Remove cover, receiver, spoiler, battery holders and some smaller parts.
- Make the steering stronger.
- Make it manageable for the computers
- Remove the start/stop-option from the button.
- Make ity possible to carry the equipment an a payload.
- Depending on the application, we also change wheels to have tires with harder compound.
1 Arrma Kraton 8S
1 Servo
4 Springs C1225-125-5000M
4 Springs small D13050

Body: External skeleton

The external skeleton is a component of the body.
The main components of the body:
A. The external skeleton to mount the enclosure, camera's and antennas with the chassis.
B. The enclosure that hold the ICT equipment
C. The internal skeleton and materials for mounting the equipment
For the external skeleton we use 20 x 20 mm aluminum profiles with the appropriate connections.
This profile has what's called a groove 5, but the brackets to make connections use bolts M4.
Probably you can order this at you local hardware-store.
The aluminum profile is also used for the internal frame, but not mentioned any more in that list.
4,96 Aluminium Profile 20 x 20 groove 5
2 Bracket 150*150mm(camera mount)
21 Bracket 20 x 20, basic
3 Cover bracket 20 x 20
10 Cover cap 20 x 20

Body: Enclosure

With the enclosure the ICT-equipment is as much as possible protected against dust and water.
To bring al cabling into the enclosure cable glands are used.
With the correct assembly at least protection level IP54 should be reached.
1 Cable gland M25 Wiska ESKV-SET 25
1 Enclosure 600 x 300 x 132 transparant cover
1 LAPP SKINTOP® DIX-M25 Multi-seal inset M25 Nitrile rubber Black
2 Locknut M20 seperatable Cofix
2 QT 6 Cable grommets
2 QVT 20, Split cable gland
1 Self-adhesive cable mount
2 Silica gel 10 gram
1 TRU COMPONENTS TC-MH14-5A203 Multi-seal inset M16 Rubber Black
1 Wiska ESKV-RDE 20 Cable gland M20 Polyamide Grey-white (RAL 7035)

Body: Internal skeleton and mounting

Within the enclosure the equipment has to be mounted.
Al equipment has Din-rail mount options.
10 Axxatronic PCB holder 72mm*11,25mm
4 Axxatronic PCB End holder 72mm*11,25mm
0,8 Cable duct
1,1 HellermannTyton DELTA-3F/BV DIN rail perforated Steel plate
2 PCB holder main, 107mm, 35mm with foot
1,02 PVC plate
Self-tapping screws 4.2 mm 13 mm
8 Spacer (Ø x L) 5 mm x 6 mm

Body: Bolts, nuts, washers and fasteners

For the body lots of bolts and nuts are used.
0,1 3M Double sided adhesive tape
4 Allen screw M3 x 16
37 Allen screw M4 x 10
2 Allen screw M4 x 25
4 Allen screw M5 X 10
6 Allen screw M5 X 6
8 Allen screws M2,5 16 mm
4 Locknut M2,5
4 Locknut M3
13 Repair washer M5
37 Sliding block 5 - M4
11 Sliding block 5 - M5
2 Threaded plate 5 - M4
2 Tripod screw 1/4”
37 Washer M4

Power: Sources and converters

The main system uses a 7s battery-pack. The voltage gets lower the more empty the battery is.
1 Battery 400Wh, 25V, 7s5p
1 DC/DC Converter 12vdc 60W Rail mounted, 18-75vdc
2 DDR-15G-5 DIN-rail
1 Victron charger 24V 2,5/5A

Power: Connectors

If possible din rail mounted connectors are used.
1 Connector, RoPD 25A, C003-04-2000-C
1 Connector, RoPD 25A, C003-B1-500-C
2 Plug-in bridge - FBS 5-5
2 Plug-in bridge FBS 2-5
1 PoE-injector passive
2 Terminal Block, 10 mm² Black, Phoenix Contact UT 6 3044131 2 0.2 mm²
1 Terminal Block, 10 mm² Red, Phoenix Contact UT 6 RD 3044144
7 Terminal block, 2,5mm2, black, Phoenix Contact UT 2,5 bk
8 Terminal block, 2,5mm2, red, Phoenix Contact UT 2,5 RD

Power: Circuit breakers

To activate en deactivate the equipment, lots of breakers are used.
1 BACO 223963 L21NK00 Key Switch, 22 MM L21NK00 N/A
1 BACO 33E01 Contact breaker momentary NC
1 BACO 33E10 contact element NO
2 BACO BA222968 333E Adapter Plate 3-way
1 BACO BAL21AL10 L21AL10 Red
1 Fuse 15A
1 Fuse 1A
1 Fuse 20A
1 Fuse 5A
2 Relay 5Volt USB NO / NC
4 WAGO 2006-1681 Fuse terminal 7.50 mm

Power: Wires and ferrules

To identify the different connections, different colors are used.
2 Ferrule 0,34mm2 x 6 roze, micro usb to Pi
4 Ferrule 0,50mm2 x 8 orange
4 Ferrule 0,50mm2 x 8, white PoE, front cam
14 Ferrule 0,75mm2 x 8 Darkblue(RUT-distributie, Nano)
4 Ferrule 0,75mm2 x 8 grey (Pi)
2 Ferrule 0.50mm2 * 8 twin Orange
2 Ferrule 10 mm2 x 12 (battery, ESC), non isolated
2 Ferrule 1mm2 x 8 Yellow (Pi+Switch)
6 Ferrule 2,5mm2 x 8 grey(12vdc)
8 Ferrule 2,5mm2 x 8, blue(ESC) Phoenix Contact
0,2 FLRY-B 0.75 mm², black green(Switch)
1 FLRY-B 0.75 mm², black white(Switch)
1 FLRY-B 0.75 mm², black yellow(RUT-distribution)
2 FLRY-B 0.75 mm², red green(Nano)
1 FLRY-B 0.75 mm², red white(router, switch)
1,15 FLRY-B 0.75 mm², red yellow(RUT-distribution)
2 FLRY-B 0.75 mm², red(Pi)
1 FLRY-B 1.50 mm², black(fase out)
1,2 FLRY-B 2,50 mm², black
2,3 FLRY-B 2,50 mm², red
0,05 Heatshrink medium
0,05 Heatshrink small
4 Low power plug 5.50 mm 2.10 mm, wired
1 Power cable Raspberry Pi [1x USB-C plug - 1x Sony Xperia] 1.00 m Black

ICT components

A robot needs a lot of computer power.
1 Connection set for Raspberry Pi Hat
1 Cooling Fan for Jetson Nano
1 Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi
1 Nvdia Jetson Nano Developpers
1 Raspberry Pi 4 B / 2GB

Communication and sensors

The robot stays in contact with the operators and needs lots of information from the surrounding.
2 Micro SD 128 GB Sandisk
2 PTZ Camera Hikvision
1 Rut955 Teltonica
1 Switch ethernet

Communication: Computer cables

For the ethernet, different colors are used.
2 Amphenol LTW 2610-0402-01 data cable Socket, right angle
2 Amphenol Protective cap
2 Cable USB 2.0 A to USB B
1 Ethernet 25 cm black front cam
1 Ethernet 25 cm green Nano
1 Ethernet 25 cm grey back cam
2 Ethernet 25 cm yellow router
1 Ethernet 50 cm Blue Lan
1 Ethernet 50 cm red Pi
1 Ethernet 50 cm white Wan

You can put this all together. The parts are obvious to use. If you have any question, don't hesitate to contact us at